Best Coffee Grinders Under $50 (Comprehensive Guide)

As a coffee enthusiast, you know the importance of having a good coffee grinder to achieve the perfect cup of coffee every time. The good news is you don’t have to break the bank to find a high-quality grinder to meet your needs.

In this article, we will explore some of the best coffee grinders under $50 that can provide you with a consistent grind quality and elevate your coffee experience.

When shopping for a budget-friendly coffee grinder, it’s essential to consider factors such as grind size, adjustability, and ease of use. The best coffee grinders under $50 offer a balance between affordability and efficient grinding, ensuring that you can savor the full flavor potential of your beans.

From manual grinders like the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder to electric options such as the Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder, there are several dependable, accessible, and high-quality grinders on the market that are sure to satisfy both your taste buds and your budget.


Understanding Grinder Types

When it comes to grinding coffee beans, there are three main types of coffee grinders: Blade Grinders, Manual Grinders, and Electric Grinders. Each type offers different advantages and drawbacks, depending on your specific needs, budget, and preferences.


Blade Grinders

Blade grinders are the most affordable option, as they use a simple metal blade to chop up coffee beans into fine particles. These grinders work quickly and are easy to operate, providing a coarse grind that can be suitable for most coffee makers. However, they may produce an uneven consistency, which may affect the overall taste of your coffee.

Some key features of blade grinders include:

  • Affordability: Blade grinders are generally the cheapest type available.
  • Speed: These grinders are quick and easy to use.
  • Coarse grind: They are best suited for producing a coarser grind, which works well for drip coffee makers and percolators.
  • Inconsistency: The downside is an uneven grind, potentially affecting the flavor of your coffee.


Manual Grinders

Manual grinders, also known as hand grinders, use a hand crank or a grinding mechanism to crush coffee beans. These grinders are typically more expensive than blade grinders but are known for providing a more consistent, adjustable grind. This is ideal for those looking to fine-tune their coffee’s taste and consistency.

Characteristics of manual grinders include:

  • Portability: Their compact size makes them perfect for traveling or small kitchens.
  • Consistency: Manual grinders tend to produce a more even, adjustable grind.
  • Effort: As they require manual labor, they may not be the best choice for those with limited time or physical abilities.
  • Quiet operation: Manual grinders are quieter than electric options, making them ideal for early mornings or shared living spaces.


Electric Grinders

Electric grinders are a convenient option that uses an electric motor to grind coffee beans. These grinders come in various models, including blade and burr grinders, offering both budget-friendly and high-end options. Electric grinders are the best choice for those who want a consistent grind without the effort of a manual grinder.

Key aspects of electric grinders are:

  • Convenience: Electric grinders eliminate the need for manual labor.
  • Consistency: They offer a consistent grind, particularly in burr grinder models.
  • Speed: Electric grinders are typically faster than their manual counterparts.
  • Noise: They can be louder than manual grinders, which may be a concern for some users.


Krups Burr Grinder

Yes, Krups does make a burr grinder. The Krups GX5000 Burr Coffee Grinder is a popular choice for budget-minded coffee drinkers. It has a metal flat burr grinder that ensures consistent grind size, and it has 45 different grind settings to choose from so you can fine-tune your coffee for the perfect brew. The Krups GX5000 is also relatively quiet and easy to use.


Here are some of the pros and cons of the Krups GX5000 Burr Coffee Grinder:


  • Metal flat burr grinder
  • 45 grind settings
  • Relatively quiet
  • Easy to use


  • Not as powerful as some other burr grinders
  • Can be a bit messy
  • Not as durable as some other burr grinders


Overall, the Krups GX5000 Burr Coffee Grinder is a great option for budget-minded coffee drinkers who want a reliable and consistent burr grinder.


Krups Coffee Grinder

Krups manufactures several coffee grinders suitable for different coffee-drinking preferences and budgets.

  1. Krups GX5000 Professional Electric Coffee Burr Grinder: A burr grinder with 45 settings that allow you to choose your preferred grind size, from ultra-fine to coarse. It has a 2 to 12 cup selector, and an auto-stop safety mechanism.
  2. Krups Silent Vortex Electric Grinder: A versatile grinder that can be used for grinding coffee beans, spices, dry herbs, and more. It has a large grinding capacity yielding up to 12 cups of coffee, and grinds coffee beans for 12 cups in 15 seconds.
  3. Krups F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder: A more affordable blade grinder that’s compact and easy to use. It’s a good choice if you’re just getting into grinding coffee at home and don’t need the precision of a burr grinder.
  4. Krups GX336D50 Ultimate Super Silent 3 in 1 Blade Grinder: A powerful and silent grinder with an innovative oval blade for uniform grinding. It can grind up to 12 cups of coffee.

Remember, the best choice of a grinder depends on your specific needs. Burr grinders, like the GX5000, offer more precision and consistency, making them a great choice for coffee aficionados. On the other hand, blade grinders, like the F203, are more affordable and still make a significant difference in taste compared to pre-ground coffee.


Krups GX5000 Burr Coffee Grinder

The Krups GX5000 Professional Electric Coffee Burr Grinder is a popular option among coffee enthusiasts for home brewing. It’s a burr grinder, which is typically preferred over blade grinders because it provides a more consistent and adjustable grind, which can greatly impact the taste of your coffee.

Key features of the Krups GX5000 Burr Grinder include:

  1. Metallic flat burr grinder: The metallic flat burr grinder ensures an even grind, which offers a better extraction and therefore a better flavor. The burrs are designed to avoid overheating, preserving the aroma of the coffee.
  2. Customizable Grind Settings: The GX5000 provides 45 different grind settings, divided into 9 main levels ranging from fine (for espresso) to coarse (for French press). This makes it versatile and suitable for brewing a variety of coffee types.
  3. Large Capacity: The coffee container can hold up to 8 oz. of coffee beans, and the grounds container can hold up to 32 cups worth of grounds.
  4. Auto-stop safety mechanism: The grinder will automatically stop if the lid or ground coffee container is not correctly in place, providing a safety feature.
  5. Easy to clean: The burr and the coffee container are removable, making it easier to clean.
  6. Compact Design: The grinder is designed to fit comfortably under most kitchen cabinets, a bonus for small kitchen spaces.

Remember, the performance and lifespan of the grinder can depend on how well you maintain it. It is recommended to clean the grinder regularly and not to run it continuously for a long time to prevent overheating.


Here are some other Krups burr grinders that are under $50:

  • Krups Precision Plastic and Stainless Steel Flat Burr Grinder 12 Cup 110 Watts 12 Grind Settings, Drip, French Press, Espresso, Pour Over, Cold Brew Black: This grinder has 12 grind settings and is suitable for drip, French press, espresso, pour over, and cold brew coffee. It is also relatively quiet and easy to use.
    Krups Precision Plastic and Stainless Steel Flat Burr Grinder
  • Krups One-Touch Coffee and Spice Grinder Grinder 12 Cup Easy to Use, One Touch Operation 200 Watts Coffee, Spices, Dry Herbs Black: This grinder is a bit more basic than the other two, but it is still a good option for those on a budget. It has 12 grind settings and can be used for coffee, spices, and dry herbs. It is also easy to use and relatively quiet.
    Krups One-Touch Coffee and Spice Grinder

When choosing a burr grinder, it is important to consider your needs and budget. If you are a serious coffee drinker who wants the best possible grind, you may want to consider a more expensive burr grinder with larger burrs. However, if you are on a budget and just want a reliable and consistent grinder, the Krups GX5000 or one of the other Krups burr grinders under $50 is a great option.


Top Picks under $50


Krups GX500050 Coffee Grinder – 8 oz – Black metal

Krups GX500050 Coffee Grinder - 8 oz - Black metal

The Krups GX5000 Coffee Grinder boasts a versatile range of settings with 45 options and delivers a consistent grind every time. With the GX5000, you can enjoy a tailored cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home.


  • 45 grind settings
  • Consistent grind
  • 8 oz storage capacity


  • May generate heat during prolonged use
  • Can be louder than some alternatives



JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

The JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is a top pick for its compact size and excellent performance. With a ceramic conical burr, it ensures a consistent and precise grind. This grinder is an excellent choice for those looking for a budget-friendly option.


  • Compact size
  • Ceramic conical burr for consistent grinding
  • Budget-friendly


  • Manual operation might not be suitable for everyone
  • Limited grind settings


Hario Skerton Pro

Hario Skerton Pro

The Hario Skerton Pro is another top pick for its best budget coffee grinder and reliable performance. With an upgraded design from its predecessor, the Skerton Pro offers improved stability and grind consistency.


  • Affordable
  • Improved design and stability
  • Consistent grind


  • Manual operation
  • Larger size compared to some other options



Hamilton Beach Electric Coffee Grinder (80335R)

Hamilton Beach Electric Coffee Grinder (80335R)

The Hamilton Beach Electric Coffee Grinder (80335R) is a top choice for its sleek design, stainless steel blades, and its removable grinding chamber. This grinder is great for coffee beans as well as a variety of spices.


  • Removable grinding chamber for easy cleaning
  • Sleek design
  • Stainless steel blades


  • Limited grind settings
  • Relatively small capacity


Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Coffee Grinder with 18 Custom Grinders

Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Coffee Grinder with 18 Custom Grinders

With a wide range of grinding settings, the Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Grinder is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on performance. The auto shut-off feature adds an extra layer of convenience.


  • Wide range of grind settings
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Affordable


  • Not as consistent as some higher-priced options
  • Cleaning can be challenging


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Hamilton Beach Electric Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder

Hamilton Beach Electric Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder

The Hamilton Beach Electric Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder offers an amazing design, stainless steel blades, and a removable grinding chamber. Its hidden cord storage is a valuable feature for keeping your counter clutter-free.


  • Removable grinding chamber
  • Stylish design
  • Hidden cord storage


  • Some users report difficulty with reassembling after cleaning
  • Limited grind options


Baratza Vario Flat Ceramic Coffee Grinder, Ariete Delonghi 3017 Electric Coffee Grinder-Professional Heavy Duty Stainless, and Cuisinart Coffee Grinder

These grinders offer excellent performance, durability, and grinding precision. However, they often exceed the $50 price point and might not be suitable for those looking for budget options. You can explore them further if you’re interested in investing more for a reliable coffee grinder.


Key Features to Consider

Burr Type

When looking for the best coffee grinder under $50, it’s important to consider the type of burrs it uses. There are three main types of burrs: ceramic, conical, and flat. Ceramic burrs are known for their durability, but they can be more expensive. For budget grinders, you might find conical burrs more readily available. Conical burrs also tend to be quieter and produce less heat, which can help preserve the coffee flavor. Flat burrs, on the other hand, are popular for their grind consistency but may be more difficult to find in this price range.


Grind Settings and Consistency

A good coffee grinder should offer a variety of different grind settings, allowing it to accommodate various brewing methods such as espresso, pour-over, or French press. Additionally, achieving consistent grounds is crucial as it can significantly impact the taste and extraction of your coffee. For example, the Krups GX5000 offers 45 grind settings, ensuring a consistent grind for different brewing methods.


Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

To keep your grinder working at its best for a long time, it should be easy to clean and maintain. Look for features like stainless steel blades and a removable grinding chamber that allow for simple cleaning without the need for any special tools. For example, the Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind coffee grinder has a removable grinding chamber, making it easy to clean.


Build Quality and Durability

As you search for an affordable coffee grinder, it’s important not to compromise on build quality. A well-built grinder will not only last longer but also provide a more consistent grind. Pay attention to the materials used in the construction, such as stainless steel and high-quality plastics. Some affordable options, like the Secura SCG-903B, offer a decent build quality and durability in addition to useful features such as auto shut-off.


Finding the Right Grinder for Your Brewing Method

When looking for a coffee grinder under $50, it’s essential to consider the brewing method you prefer. Different brewing methods require different grind sizes to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. This section will cover suitable grinders for French Press, Cold Brew, Turkish Coffee, and Espresso.


French Press Grinders

French Press requires a coarse grind to ensure proper extraction of coffee oils and flavors. When searching for a budget-friendly grinder, the KRUPS GX5000 Burr Coffee Grinder is a popular choice, offering 45 grind settings. Another option is the Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder, which is well-suited for producing coarse grinds for French Press brewing.


Cold Brew Grinders

Cold Brew also requires a coarse grind, similar to French Press. The Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder is a suitable choice for cold brew enthusiasts on a budget. If you seek more versatility, the Mueller SuperGrind Electric Burr Coffee Grinder offers 17 different grind settings, allowing you to control the coarseness for various brewing methods.


Turkish Coffee Grinders

Turkish coffee requires an ultra-fine grind, which can be challenging to achieve with budget grinders. However, some grinders under $50, like the KRUPS GX5000, might provide a fine enough grind for Turkish coffee. It’s essential to ensure the grinder you choose has a setting for very fine grinds, as Turkish coffee brewing requires the coffee grounds to be almost like powder.


Espresso Grinders

Espresso brewing requires a fine grind, as it allows for proper extraction during the short brewing time. Finding a budget grinder for espresso might be challenging, but the KRUPS GX5000 Burr Coffee Grinder offers multiple grind settings, including those suitable for espresso. Another option is the Mueller SuperGrind Electric Burr Coffee Grinder, which offers fine grind settings for espresso enthusiasts on a budget.


In summary, when looking for the perfect coffee grinder under $50, it’s crucial to consider your preferred brewing method and find a grinder that offers the appropriate grind size settings. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your coffee experience is tailored to your tastes and preferences.


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Recommended Grinder Settings for Popular Brewing Methods

Finding the perfect grind size for your coffee brewing method is essential to achieving a wonderful cup of coffee. In this section, we’ll discuss the recommended grinder settings for popular brewing methods, keeping in mind the factors of grind size settings, ease of use, and brewing methods.

For the French press brewing method, a coarse grind is recommended. This allows for proper extraction and prevents over-extraction, which could lead to a bitter taste. The Kaffe Burr Coffee Grinder is a great option for grinding coffee beans at a coarse setting, as it provides adjustable settings for precision coffee bean grinding.

When it comes to pour-over coffee, a medium-fine grind is typically suggested. This enables the water to evenly saturate the coffee grounds, resulting in a balanced extraction. The Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder is a fantastic choice for achieving this grind size, as it features stainless steel blades and a removable grinding chamber for ease of use.

For espresso lovers, a fine grind is essential to achieve the perfect extraction and crema. A fine grind allows the pressurized water to flow through the coffee grounds quickly, extracting the full flavor profile. The Coffee Grind Size Chart provides an ultimate guide for achieving the ideal grind settings for various brewing methods, including espresso.

For those interested in cold brew, a coarse grind is again recommended, as it allows for a slow extraction over an extended period. This brewing method results in a smooth and rich flavor profile that is less acidic than hot brewed coffee. The Consumer Reports guide offers helpful tips on using grinder settings effectively for cold brew and other brewing methods.

In conclusion, being familiar with the recommended grinder settings for different brewing methods is key to creating a satisfying cup of coffee. And with the right grinder and knowledge, you can elevate your daily coffee experience.


Maximizing the Life of Your Coffee Grinder

Investing in a quality coffee grinder under $50 may seem like a challenging task, but there are various options available that cater to different needs and preferences. By selecting the right coffee grinder and learning how to maintain it properly, you can extend its lifespan and enjoy consistently delicious coffee at home.

When considering a coffee grinder in this price range, it’s important to focus on ease of use. Some coffee grinders feature a hand crank, which can be an excellent choice for those who enjoy the manual process and want more control over the grind size. On the other hand, electric grinders offer the convenience of automatic operation and can save time for busy mornings.

In addition to the method of grinding, look for unique features that can add value to your purchase. For instance, a grinder with multiple coarse settings allows you to experiment with different brewing techniques, such as French press, pour-over, or cold brew. In some cases, these grinders may also offer versatility by doubling as spice grinders.

When it comes to maintaining your coffee grinder, proper cleaning is crucial. Regularly disassemble and clean the components to ensure consistent performance and prevent buildup of old coffee grounds or oil residues. Many grinders have removable parts that are easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.

One aspect to keep in mind for maximizing the life of your coffee grinder is the quality of the materials used in its construction. Durable materials like stainless steel can withstand daily use while providing consistent results over time.

In conclusion, selecting the right coffee grinder under $50 will depend on factors such as ease of use, unique features, and your preferred grinding method. Once you’ve made your choice, regular maintenance and attention to detail will help ensure that your grinder provides a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee for years to come.



Finding the best value coffee grinder under $50 may seem challenging, but with proper research and consideration, coffee lovers can indeed discover a high-quality grinder that fits their budget. Grinding your own coffee beans allows for a fresher and more flavorful cup of coffee. As a result, investing in a good quality grinder is essential for any coffee aficionado.

Affordable grinder options typically have a range of different settings for a customizable experience. For example, coarse settings are essential for those who prefer French press brewing, while other settings cater to a variety of brewing methods. It is crucial to prioritize a grinder with multiple grind settings to suit personal preferences and brewing styles.

An accessible price point does not have to mean sacrificing quality. Many grinders under $50 provide excellent performance, allowing users to grind their coffee beans efficiently and effectively. Ensuring the grinder features durable materials like stainless steel blades and ceramic burrs is key to long-lasting functionality.

In summary, identifying the ideal coffee grinder under $50 is attainable with some diligence and understanding of essential features. By thoroughly evaluating aspects such as grinding mechanism, grind settings, capacity, and ease of use, coffee enthusiasts can find a grinder that suits their needs without breaking the bank.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some top affordable coffee grinders?

There are several good options for budget coffee grinders. The KRUPS GX5000 is a crowd favorite with 45 grind settings, ensuring a consistent grind. The Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder is another great choice which is not only effective and fast but also quiet and easy to clean.


Which budget grinders work best for espresso?

Budget grinders suitable for espresso should have fine grind settings and consistent results. The Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Grinder is an affordable option with a wide range of grinding settings. The Secura SCG-903B is another recommendation due to its numerous settings and auto shut-off feature.


What are the most recommended grinders under $50 on Reddit?

Reddit users often recommend budget-friendly coffee grinders with a balance of quality and affordability. Some popular choices include the Mueller Ultra-Grind Conical Burr Grinder and the Chefman Coffee Grinder Electric Burr Mill.


Are there quality grinders under $30?

It is possible to find a decent coffee grinder under $30, though one may need to compromise on features like fewer grind settings or manual operation. The Hario Mini Mill Slim Hand Coffee Grinder is a popular manual grinder option in this price range.


Which compact electric grinders offer the best value?

Compact electric grinders offer convenience and space-saving design. The Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder is an example of a high-value compact electric grinder. It effectively grinds coffee beans and a variety of spices, has a detachable grinding chamber for easy cleaning, and operates quietly.


What are the best inexpensive manual coffee grinders?

Inexpensive manual coffee grinders can offer a more hands-on, customizable coffee grinding experience. The Hario Mini Mill Slim Hand Coffee Grinder and the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder are both well-reviewed options under $50.


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