Keurig Elite vs Supreme: Which One to Choose and Why?

The world of single-serve coffee makers has become increasingly popular as more people adopt the convenience of brewing a fresh cup of coffee at home or in the office. Keurig has been at the forefront of this movement, offering a wide range of models to suit various needs and preferences. Two such models, the Keurig Elite and the Keurig Supreme, have garnered significant attention from coffee enthusiasts. This article aims to explore the similarities and differences between these two machines, helping readers to make an informed decision when considering which of the devices to purchase.

Both the Keurig Elite and Supreme belong to the K-Elite and K-Supreme series, respectively, and offer numerous features that make them appealing to users. These machines boast efficient brewing systems, user-friendly interfaces, and compatibility with various K-Cup pod sizes. Despite these similarities, however, they also have unique features that may affect consumers’ choices when deciding which model is the ideal fit for their needs.

As the article delves deeper into the details, it will discuss factors such as brewing capabilities, design elements, personalization options, and price points to provide a comprehensive comparison of the Keurig Elite vs Supreme models. Throughout this examination, the objective is to provide a clear and knowledgeable assessment, which empowers readers to determine the best single-serve coffee maker for their lifestyle.


Keurig Elite vs K Supreme Feature Comparison

The Keurig Elite and K Supreme are two popular models from the renowned coffee maker brand, but they have distinct features that set them apart.

Water Reservoir Capacity: The Keurig Elite has a 75 oz water reservoir, while the K Supreme features a larger 78 oz water reservoir. The extra capacity in the K Supreme allows for slightly more brewing without needing a constant refill.

Brew Size Range: Both models offer a range of brew sizes, with the Elite featuring 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz options, whereas the K Supreme offers 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz brew sizes. The Elite has an additional smaller size (4oz), suitable for those who prefer a stronger and more concentrated cup of coffee.

Brew Strength Control: The Keurig Elite provides users with a strong brew setting that increases coffee strength and boldness. In contrast, the K Supreme offers four different strength options, giving the user more control over their coffee’s intensity.

Iced Coffee Setting: The Elite model includes a dedicated iced coffee setting, which is not available in the K Supreme. This feature allows for brewing a refreshing iced coffee directly over ice without any additional steps.

Multistream Technology: A key difference between the two models is the K Supreme’s multistream technology, which extracts more flavor and aroma from the coffee grounds by evenly saturating them during the brewing process. The Elite model does not have this feature.

To summarize, the Keurig Elite and K Supreme both offer a range of features that cater to coffee lovers with different preferences. The Elite model includes features like an additional brew size option and a dedicated iced coffee setting, while the K Supreme model boasts a larger water reservoir, more brew strength control options, and innovative multistream technology.


Keurig Elite vs Supreme: Overview

Key Features

The Keurig K-Elite and Keurig K-Supreme are among the most popular Keurig coffee machines on the market. Both models are single-serve coffee makers, offering various customization options to users for a personalized coffee experience.

The K-Elite offers a strong brew setting, programmable settings for different cup sizes, and a hot water function for making tea or instant meals. While the K-Supreme comes with MultiStream Technology™, which improves coffee extraction, five cup sizes, and a customizable strength setting.

Features Keurig K-Elite Keurig K-Supreme
Cup Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz
Brew Strength Strong setting available Customizable strength setting
Water Reservoir Removable 75 oz Removable 66 oz
Hot Water Function Available Not available
MultiStream Not available Available

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Design and Aesthetics

Both the Keurig K-Elite and K-Supreme possess sleek and modern designs, fitting well in any kitchen space. The K-Elite has a brushed metal finish, giving it a premium look, while the K-Supreme features a matte, fingerprint-resistant surface.

When it comes to dimensions, the K-Elite measures 13.1″ H x 9.9″ W x 12.7″ D, whereas the K-Supreme measures 12.12″ H x 7.99″ W x 12.56″ D, making the K-Supreme slightly more compact.

In conclusion, both Keurig coffee machines have their unique features and design elements, offering users a versatile single-serve coffee experience. It ultimately depends on the individual’s preferences and requirements when choosing between the Keurig K-Elite and K-Supreme.


Brewing Capabilities

Strength and Iced Options

The Keurig Elite and Supreme both offer various temperature settings and different strengths to customize your brewing experience. With the strong brew option, users can enjoy a bolder cup of coffee as this setting increases the strength and boldness of the coffee. On the other hand, the iced setting allows for the creation of refreshing, iced coffee or iced beverages.

The Keurig Supreme offers a slight edge in customization with its additional strength options. This allows users to better tailor their brewing experience to their personal preferences.


Quiet Brew Technology

Both the Elite and Supreme models feature Keurig’s Quiet Brew technology. This new technology significantly reduces the noise produced by the brewing process, ensuring a quieter experience for the user. This feature is particularly useful for those who may be sensitive to noise or brewing coffee in a shared space.

In this section, the brewing capabilities of the Keurig Elite and Supreme models have been discussed, highlighting their differences and similarities. The availability of customizable strength and iced options provide a versatile brewing experience, while the Quiet Brew technology ensures a peaceful process.


Customization and User-Friendliness

Digital Display Screens

Both the Keurig Elite and Supreme coffee makers feature digital display screens for easy navigation and customization. The screens display essential information such as the brewing time, brew size, and temperature. They also show notifications about the machine’s status, such as when it’s time to descale or add more water.

Favorite Settings

Keurig Elite and Supreme offer users the option to save their favorite settings for a more personalized brewing experience. This feature allows the user to save the last brew settings, including the amount of coffee and temperature. It simplifies the process of brewing future cups of coffee, as users can quickly access their preferred settings without having to make adjustments each time.

Both models also allow for back brewing, which is a useful feature for adjusting the strength of the coffee in real-time. Users can pause the brewing process mid-cycle and allow the coffee to steep for a longer period before resuming the brew. This offers users more control over the intensity of their coffee, depending on their taste preferences.


Water Reservoirs and Filters

Size and Removability

The Keurig Elite and Keurig Supreme both offer large enough water reservoirs to satisfy the needs of most coffee drinkers. The Elite model boasts a 75 oz water reservoir, while the Keurig K-Supreme Plus features a 78 oz reservoir. The difference in capacity is minimal, but it may be worth considering for those who consume large amounts of coffee daily.

Both models have removable water reservoirs, which make refilling and cleaning a breeze. Simply detach the reservoir from the machine, fill it up with water, and reattach it. This feature helps maintain a clean and hygienic coffee-making process.


Water Filters

Water filters significantly impact the flavor and quality of the brewed coffee. Both the Keurig Elite and the Keurig K-Supreme Plus come with built-in water filters that ensure the water used in brewing is clean and free of impurities.

The K-Supreme Plus’ reservoir additionally offers compatibility with the Keurig Water Filter Starter Kit, which includes a filter handle and two filter cartridges. It is recommended to change the water filters every two months or after 60 tank refills to experience consistent optimal taste.

Keeping these key features in mind, users can decide the best option for their personal preferences. The similarities in size and removability of the reservoirs and the inclusion of water filters for both models ensure that either choice offers a satisfactory coffee brewing experience.


Compatibility and Flexibility

K-Cup Options

Keurig Elite and Supreme offer a wide range of K-Cup compatibility options. Both machines can brew any brand of K-Cups, giving users a vast array of possible choices for their coffee, tea, and hot cocoa beverages. This flexibility allows Keurig owners to enjoy numerous flavors and drink options without any restrictions.


Travel Mugs

When it comes to accommodating travel mugs, both the Keurig Elite and Supreme have been designed to fit most mug sizes. They feature removable drip trays, allowing users to easily fit their travel mugs of various heights under the dispensing spout. This design ensures that users can take their favorite beverages on the go, whether for their daily commute or a weekend getaway.


Grounds Compatibility

For those who prefer using their own coffee grounds, both the Keurig Elite and Supreme are compatible with the My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter. This accessory allows users to brew coffee using their own grounds instead of the pre-packaged K-Cups. The reusable filter is easy to use and clean, offering an eco-friendly alternative and enhancing customization of flavor profiles.

In summary, the Keurig Elite and Supreme models offer users significant compatibility and flexibility in brewing options. Both machines accept a wide variety of K-Cups, cater to different travel mug sizes, and allow the use of personal coffee grounds with the My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter.


Maintenance and Durability

Alerts and Drip Trays

Both the Keurig Elite and Supreme models come equipped with maintenance alerts to help users maintain their coffee makers with ease. These alerts ensure the machines operate efficiently by notifying users when it’s time for descaling or replacing the water filter.

The removable drip trays present in both devices make cleaning a breeze. Being dishwasher-safe, users can effortlessly remove the trays, wash them, and reassemble in no time.


Finish and Appearance

In terms of durability and aesthetics, both the Keurig Elite and the Supreme possess a stainless steel finish. This not only lends a tasteful look to the appliances but also ensures they withstand daily wear and tear while retaining their luster.

By emphasizing ease of maintenance and durability, both the Keurig Elite and Supreme models cater to the needs of coffee enthusiasts who desire high-performing machines that are simple to care for and visually appealing.


Innovative Features

Multistream Technology

The Keurig Elite and Supreme models offer innovative features that set them apart from other coffee makers in the market. One of the key features is the Multistream Technology. This state-of-the-art system improves the extraction process by evenly saturating coffee grounds, resulting in a more flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee.

Multistream Technology works by using multiple water streams instead of a single stream, ensuring that all coffee grounds are exposed to the hot water, leading to better extraction. It makes certain that no ground is left unattended, providing the perfect brewing experience for every cup. This is a feature that is present in both the Elite and Supreme models, underlining their commitment to delivering a consistently great cup of coffee.

In conclusion, the Keurig Elite and Supreme coffee makers take advantage of innovative features like the Multistream Technology to enhance the brewing process, delivering flavorful and aromatic coffee consistently.



When comparing the Keurig Elite and Supreme models, it is important to highlight their individual features as well as any differences that may influence a potential buyer’s decision.

The Keurig Elite offers strong brew and iced coffee settings, making it a versatile machine for users who appreciate both hot and cold beverages. It also has a 75-ounce water reservoir, which allows for fewer refills and more convenience during a busy morning routine. In addition, its five cup size options provide flexibility when it comes to brewing the perfect amount.

On the other hand, the Keurig Supreme includes a multistream technology that extracts more flavor and aroma from coffee grounds, resulting in a richer and more full-bodied taste. It comes with a 78-ounce water reservoir and four cup sizes, which, although smaller in variety compared to the Elite, still offer a satisfactory range.

In terms of functionality and appearance, both machines stay true to Keurig’s well-known design principles. They are easy to use and maintain, while also exhibiting a sleek appearance that can blend seamlessly into any kitchen.

When choosing between the Keurig Elite and Supreme models, it ultimately comes down to individual preferences and priorities. The Elite may be more suitable for users who desire greater variety in cup sizes and enjoy both hot and iced coffee, while the Supreme should appeal to those who prioritize a more robust flavor profile. Regardless of the choice, both options embody Keurig’s commitment to providing easy-to-use and reliable coffee makers.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between the Keurig Elite and Supreme?

The Keurig Elite and Supreme models are both part of Keurig’s line of single-serve coffee makers. The main differences between the two models lie in their brewing capabilities and customization options. The Keurig Elite offers basic brewing options, while the Supreme model provides more advanced features, such as multiple brewing strengths and temperature settings.


How does the brewing process vary between the Elite and Supreme models?

The brewing process is similar for both the Elite and Supreme models. Both models use Keurig’s patented K-Cup pods to make single servings of coffee. However, the Supreme model offers additional brewing options like stronger coffee strength and a customizable temperature setting, which the Elite model lacks.


Which of the two, Elite or Supreme, offers more customization options?

The Keurig Supreme offers more customization options compared to the Elite model. With the Supreme model, users can choose from multiple brewing strengths and control the temperature of their coffee, allowing for a more personalized coffee experience. The Elite model only offers basic brewing options.


Is there a significant price difference between the Keurig Elite and Supreme?

There is a price difference between the Keurig Elite and Supreme models. The Supreme model typically costs more than the Elite model due to its advanced features and increased customization options. However, price differences may also depend on factors like retailer pricing and active discounts.


How do the maintenance and cleaning requirements compare between the Elite and Supreme?

Maintaining and cleaning both the Keurig Elite and Supreme models are relatively similar. They require regular descaling to remove mineral buildup and other residue within the machine. Users should also clean the needle and drip tray regularly to ensure optimal performance. However, the maintenance and cleaning process for both models is generally easy and straightforward.


Are there any exclusive features to either the Keurig Elite or Supreme models?

The Keurig Supreme model boasts several exclusive features not found in the Elite model. These include the ability to select brewing strength, control the coffee temperature, and a more advanced brewing system. Conversely, the Elite model focuses on providing a simpler and more basic brewing experience without the added customization options found in the Supreme model.


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